The DJ was overwhelmed by the support of his fans on social media.

KSHMR celebrated his 28th birthday yesterday on the 6th of October, and we’re sure he had a great blast as everyone else does on their special day in the year. But to top it all off, he received a huge surprise when his fans did an incredibly kind gesture towards him.

The producer got a 5 minute long birthday video complied by many of his fans all over the world and it is the sweetest thing ever. They began by wishing the DJ and continued to remind him of the amazing journey he has had so far.

They also attached individual video messages thanking him for the music and hope that he continues to inspire them with more amazing music in the future.

Watch the whole video here:

This effort must have been huge and it was rewarded in the best way. He himself posted the video on his official Facebook page and wrote an emotional message thanking them for the effort and the love that he receives from them and others who listen to his music.

He says in the post,”Thank you for the birthday wishes. I was given this video last night which brought me to tears and reminded me why I make music to begin with. It has been an amazing journey so far and we shall continue it together.”

If that didn’t get you a bit teary, you’ve got a damn cold heart. The DJ has been on the road for a while now and has played at amazing festivals like Coachella, Tomorrow Land, Ultra Music Festival and many more.

This shows that a bit of effort goes a long way.