Featuring a massive collaboration with Kanye West and a two-day headlining gig with Kanye West, Ye’chella is all set to give Coachella a run for its money.

The clouds can part, and the sun can shine through because Yeezy fans have sure as hell struck gold. The Steve Jobs of modern music has now announced that instead of having his creative genius doubted  by millennials all over, he much rather use the money he made off some shoe brand album sales for a Kanye West meets Kanye West extravaganza.

The festival lineup is out and we couldn’t be more excited for the following acts to perform!


The festival that is being sponsored by the reputed Louis Mutton brand, will be taking place this April, unless of course the promoting companies are careful not to suppress the man’s unconscionable rants talent. Expressing his excitement for the event, Kanye West was quoted saying :

Wait up Coachella, Imma let you finish but ‘Ye’chella’ will be the greatest festival of all time.

When asked more about his exciting new venture Kanye very aptly spoke about his creative freedoms, his art and how he feels like he’s suffocating in this lonely world of unoriginal auto-tuned music, a trend which he has never been a part of.


Once quoted saying ‘My greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live,’ Yeezy has sure come along way and rectified that problem. He can now watch himself perform over 3 days, conduct workshops on public speaking as well as well as deliver sermons on where to find the ‘one good girl who’s worth a thousand bitches.’

Many A-list celebrities like Ellen Degenerates and John Legendary will be attending the festival, while best friends Jay Z and Beyonce have politely declined the invitation as they will have to attend a friend’s wedding.