Sorry, folks. This is a cruel April Fool’s prank.


Stoners and hippies around India, rejoice!

You may have gone to Manali last week and bought the finest cream, but you cannot miss this upcoming festival in Kasol, that will celebrate the wonders of hashish!

Named ‘Spaceman Spliff’ the festival has received the green light from local authorities, because “dealing with stoned teenagers is easier than dealing with raving drunks.”


This could be you in a few weeks! (Courtesy:

We still don’t have details on where in Kasol it’ll happen, but we’re sure it’ll take place “somewhere in the hills” (duh) to offer you an authentic experience! For those wondering how this festival was given the green light (pun not intended, we swear), a politician’s son is rumoured to have supported the festival, and we all know what that means!

Whether you’re a budding (not intended, again) hash smoker or a *coughs* dealer *coughs*, this festival is for everyone, and here are a few reasons why:

1. A DIY Hash workshop will run all day at Spaceman Spliff, and you’ll have knowledge on how to produce the finest quality hash on the spot! All apparatus will be provided at the venue. We’re already excited at the prospect!

2. A ‘how-to-speak-like-a-Rastafarian workshop : A workshop to help your find your inner ‘Rasta’.



3. Organizers have promised several food stalls serving a wide range of delectable munchies. Festival-goers will also have the chance to make their own edibles, like the ever-popular hash brownies!

4. A special game, open to everyone, is planned for the festival. Called Hash Tag, festival goers will have to try scoring hash without getting caught by the “police”.

5. There will be takeaways and loads of merchandise, so that you can go home and show your friends you scored the finest hash from the finest sources!

Tickets are all set to go on sale in a couple of weeks, and rumour has it that a countdown to the festival will be featured on their upcoming site! Stay tuned to us for more details!