Indian Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev has launched a brand new multi faceted festival to compete with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s ‘World Culture Festival.’

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has been in the news quite a lot recently, many times for the wrong reasons, for the World Culture Festival organized by the Art Of Living Foundation. The festival was conducted successfully though it faced a lot of flak for damaging the environment and the Yamuna floodplains. As they say all publicity is good publicity and seeing Sri Sri Ravi Shankar all over the media has riled up the usually calm yogi Baba Ramdev. Not to take this lying down A.K.A. the “Shavasana,” Ramdev reportedly has plans to upstage the Guru in white.


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Taking cues from the rising trend of transformational yoga centric festivals around the world, Ramdev has decided to organize his own festival dubbed the Patanjali Parivartan Music Festival. The three day festival will be a retreat of yogic chants, melodies and vegan women in yoga pants. Instead of alcohol, mind altering substances like Ramdev and BJP propaganda will be served freshly concocted.


In addition to that, festival goers will also be taught self control as they are forced to watch fast food chain commercials while eating Baba Ramdev approved healthy food. Fortunately the festival site will also house several Patanjali Ayurved stores/clinics to treat the people falling ill after eating the food. Yoga instructors will also teach attendees how to twist their bodies into impossible shapes like the spineless Sri Sri Ravi Shankar according to Baba Ramdev. “The festival will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before and nothing like I’ve ever seen before either because I can only see partially through my left eye,” said Baba Ramdev with a wink or at least that’s what it looked like.


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This is not the first time Baba Ramdev has immersed himself into a competition with an established brand. When Nestle’s Maggi was under attack for peddling lead contaminated noodles, the saffron clad ‘sanyasi’ came to the nation’s rescue with his own brand of instant noodles. Just like his noodles, Ramdev supposedly slurped a sizeable share away from Maggi’s vast customer base. If he continues, he might do real damage to the Art Of Living brand bringing Sri Sri’s merry dancing days to an end.

Should Sri Sri Ravi Shankar be worried? Would you attend this festival? Let us know!