Lizzo is probably one of the biggest female rappers in the industry right now and she has been very successful, over the past few years. Her songs chart regularly and her influence keeps getting bigger. That being said, all successful get hate, Lizzo isn’t a singled-out case. It’s just that most of the artists don’t care about trolls, but Lizzo goes on the internet to seek validation and then is left disappointed.

The problem with Lizzo

I guess Lizzo has a split personality disorder as she is a totally different person in real life. In her music, she comes off as a confident woman who doesn’t care about her size, but on the internet, she goes in the totally opposite direction.

Internet trolls get a kick out of bullying artists, but not all artists need to reply to them. And to top that off, these trolls shouldn’t even matter to Lizo because of the way she portrays herself.

Her entire brand image was built around how being fat doesn’t affect her career, and she actually preaches being fat is normal. It’s not normal, people in their 20s are obese and they get Diabetes and other health conditions. It’s not a healthy lifestyle, so if you preach something unhealthy, people will be disappointed with you.

Regardless of all the controversy that she creates on purpose, Lizzo’s music is great and we hope it keeps getting better,

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