Kanye West walked out of his show midway at the Meadows Festival, New York. Any guesses why?

Kanye West on Sunday left his set early at the Meadows Festival saying he had a “family emergency” to attend to. What was the emergency? Kim Kardashian was apparently held at gun point in Paris in an attempted to robbery! A Paris police official confirmed that there was a robbery involving Kardashian but she was unharmed, and that an investigation was underway.

Credits: billboard.com

According to reports she was unharmed but millions worth of jewellery was reported stolen. The reports also stated that there were almost up to five people who were dressed as police officers. She was then held at gun point before the robbery resumed.

West was mid-song when he had to announce that he was going to depart because of the situation. Fans even recorded him leaving the stage. He was singing “Heartless” when the incident occurred!

The festival also put out a tweet stating the events that had conspired.

All we can hope for is that the West family is safe!