To say that the stage was majestic is an understatement.

Dreamstate Festival made its debut in New York, but its expanding like crazy all over the world and recently made its way to Melbourne. The biggest highlight though was, undoubtedly, the concert stage.

The stage was massive and looked like the sun itself. With two circular rings and an explosion of light being projected from all around, people were taken to another planet with this sensory assault. The DJ booth had the standard LED screen but this globe was the highlight of the show hands down.

The lineup was impressive too with Paul Van Dyke and John O’Callaghan. However you could not deny that the stage demanded attention and it did so rightfully. A huge shout out to the stage designer and the production team for such an epic set up.

Hisense Arena came alive on the 1st of October for the event which gathered many trance music fans and we’re sure they left feeling satisfied. It was a hit with the people and this leaves us wanting more from its biggest show, which will take place on the 25th and 26th of November this year in Southern California.

If you don’t believe the impact the stage had on the attendees, take a look at it for yourselves:


Magical isn’t it? It almost looks like the Death Stars’ concave piece. The tickets for Dreamstate SoCal are on sale so go book them if you want to have the ultimate trance experience.