Now in its fourth edition, the Internet Cat Video Festival will bring about 12,ooo people to Minnesota to celebrate some feline love.

Cat videos are usually watched by people on the internet, in the comfort of their homes. The Internet Cat Video Festival breaks all barriers and brings these feline fanatics together to an actual, non-virtual location to celebrate the simple genius of cat videos.

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This year, the festival which is being held in the honour of Cecil, the lion that was killed in Zimbabwe quite recently, expects over 12,000 attendees. If you’re wandering what so many people do at a festival dedicated to cat videos, we can clear that up for you. They watch cat videos, over 100 of them. But apart from that, there’s a multitude of activities for a cat-lover to get engrossed in, including the contest for the Golden Kitty Awarded (awarded to the best cat video submission).


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In 2013, the festival was headlined by the internet sensation, The Grumpy Cat. Check out their website to view some of the other aspects of the festival.

Now view the cutest cat face ever known to mankind below.