Moonrise Festival was a place of great visual delight, from jaw-dropping stage sets to some neatly turned out music lovers. But what grabbed The Sherp’s eye were the creative totems on display!

‘Wear you heart on your sleeve’ is oldspeak. For festival goers, totems seem to be the new way of creative expression. They not only express beliefs and in some cases, clans, but end up bringing some much needed comedic relief in between all that music.

At Moonrise Festival, The Sherp snapped people with their creative hats on, carrying some unusually fun totems!

1. The Glitch Mob Totem

When you really, really love an artist, make sure you express your love in every manner possible, like these committed Glitch Mob fans!


2. The Happy totem

When you’re happy and you know it, get this totem!


3. People order our patties

All you have to remember is People Order Our Patties. Spongebob vouches for them, after all.


4. The Bacon Totem

The one totem to rule them all – for the universal love of bacon!


5. Who knew Oprah liked the bass?


6. Your friend on a totem

Even your friends aren’t safe from becoming a totem


7. Deadpool banner

Who doesn’t like chimichangas and dancing


8. Bassnectar Totem

One among many – clearly Bassnectar was a fan favourite at the festival!


9. Nicolas Rage Totem

Clearly Nicolas Cage seems to be high on this raver’s list!


10. Dillon Francis

If you love an artist, wear his face on a totem! Even Dillon’s alter ego came out asking Darlene for that beer.


Images:  Greg Bowser