The final edition of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2015 came to an end last night, and it was nothing short of incredible. And we have pictures to prove it!

The happiest music festival had an amazing run this year, with the lineup ranging from homegrown Indian genius A.R Rahman to the brilliant electronic producer and rapper Flying Lotus. 5 years after the happiest music festival began in Pune, it has grown into this phenomenal display of multi-genre talent from all around the world. This year’s Weekender Pune could do no wrong, and here’s why.


1. The pleasantly cool weather in Pune combined with the beautiful venue made for an amazing backdrop.


2. People were really getting in the mood for some serious musical feels

weekenderpune11(Image via: Bacardi NH7 Weekender/Facebook)


3. Not to mention taking breaks to chill just about anywhere.

weekenderpune16(Image via: Bacardi NH7 Weekender/Facebook)


4. One of our favourite acts from Day 1 was Erotic Market, whose captivating lead singer completely stole the show.


5. Mogwai brought their post-rock brilliance to round off the first day beautifully.


6. On Day 2, Rodrigo y Gabriela put up a mesmerising show with their folk-influenced rock music.

weekenderpune23(Image courtesy: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)



7. Madboy Mink went disco with their fun-filled set, and even got politically vocal with some of their accompanying visuals.

weekenderpune22(Image courtesy: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)


8. Mark Ronson had the crowd on its feet every second that he played, completely living up to expectations.

markronson(Image via: Bacardi NH7 Weekender/Facebook)


9. Ustad was the perfect tribute to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, with its brilliant vocalists and musicians, and an interesting and quirky fusion of styles.

weekenderpune21(Image via: Bacardi NH7 Weekender/Facebook)


10. Even the kids would not stop grooving.

weekenderpune18(Image via: Bacardi NH7 Weekender/Facebook)


11. You can’t say no to free hugs, but we’re not so sure about the second proposition.


12. Strange horse-headed mutants were also seen enjoying the show.

weekenderpune19(Image via: Bacardi NH7 Weekender/Facebook)


13. There were fun art things happening.

weekenderpune17(Image via: Bacardi NH7 Weekender/Facebook)


14. The Bacardi mugs were a source of joy for a lot of people.


15. Soulmate was undisputably one of the best acts at the festival.

weekenderpune8(Image via: Bacardi NH7 Weekender/Facebook)


16. SBTRKT was everything he was expected to be, and more, with his funky, soulful beats.

weekenderpune9(Image via: Bacardi NH7 Weekender/Facebook)


17. Nicholson delivered some soothing ambient waves.

nicholson1(Image courtesy: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)


18. The enigmatic Flying Lotus took the audience to a whole other level in his headlining act.


19. One of the two final acts that everyone had been waiting for finally happened. A.R Rahman’s band was absolutely brilliant.

weekenderpune6(Image via: Bacardi NH7 Weekender/Facebook)


20. Rahman himself sang beautifully, in one of the two most epic acts of the night, a perfect end to the 2015 Weekender experience.