This strangely terrifying event took place on the third day of the popular arts festival, Art Basel, in Miami.

Following an argument with another festival attendee, a woman at Art Basel was stabbed in the Nova Sector area. While the exact nature of the argument is unknown, the assailant was arrested on the spot. The 24-year-old woman, according to the police, was heard saying “I had to kill her and two more.” The victim was badly hurt, but the injuries were non-life threatening.

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The shocking thing about the incident wasn’t just the stabbing, but also the fact that people were oblivious to the fact that something had really happened. Patrons around initially thought it was a performance piece, and looked at her and walked by as though she was part of the display!

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Soon after the event, people who witnessed it were placated and festival activities in the area returned to normal. Art Basel is a four-day spectacle that takes over Miami every year, with its epicentre at the Miami Beach Convention Centre. It comprises of fairs that host prestigious, pricey art, bohemian art, design showcases for the intellectually curious, and installations, workshops and exciting parties all through!