Lightning in a Bottle just added another festival day to the 2016 schedule, only with no music acts whatsoever.

LIB is known for its well-roundedness, with a plethora of activities for all kinds of festival goers. And even though the music is the prime attraction and center of focus, the scope of the festival doesn’t end there. So taking notes from festivals like Boom Festival, The Do Lab has decided to add a sixth day to the upcoming LIB schedule.

This day can be utilized to hang out with friends, prepare for the upcoming madness and discover and immerse yourself in the many activities (yoga classes, workshops, art, etc) organized at the festival venue. According to LA Weekly:

“LIB organizers are hoping attendees will use the extra day to relax, connect with friends old and new, and attend some of the workshops and classes that will already be in full swing and are also […] a big part of the overall LIB experience.”

What do you guys think about this “extra day”? Would you like to see this done at more camping festivals? Let the Sherp know! Stay tuned for more news.