They’re only gathering momentum here so it’s best you learn how to prepare yourself for the festival onslaught.

Music Festivals have been springing up in and around India with an unrelenting vigour, and you may find yourself caught in the hailstorm of festivities. So here’s a saviour of an article giving you a brief gist on how to gear up for your favourite music festival!

The most important thing to carry to a music festival is a tent and a sleeping bag. This may not always be the case, and in some instances, carrying a load and travelling might be an issue. Few music festivals do give tents-for-rent and accommodation facilities but it’s always advisable to have a complete knowledge of lodging before you head for the festival. It always helps to have a roof over your head after a day of sheer madness!


Remember to carry loose and comfortable clothing for the fest. It does get sweaty after you groove, and nobody wants to have an uncomfortable time trying to fidget with their apparels. Do a thorough research regarding the climate of the festival’s location and the terrain that you may encounter. Is it damp and cold? Does it shower? Is it grassy or sandy? Take all the parameters into consideration. Also, carry footwear depending on the terrain. Sandals for grassy fests and comfy shoes for a dry terrain. Stick to shoes if there’s a probability of rains hitting you during the fest.

Sling Bag

An attendee’s best friend. A sling bag is the perfect companion while jumping around in a music festival. It helps you in carrying your camera, ticket, extra battery pack, water-bottle, money, conspicuous paraphernalia, and everything else that you may want handy while hopping from stage to stage. It’s compact, saves up space, and leaves your hands free to groove with ease. Also, having everything in a single package around your neck means less hassle and a carefree time!

Extra Batteries

You MAY get plug points, you MAY be able to charge your phone and your camera, but how long till it runs out of juice? And what if it happens right in the middle of your favourite artist’s set? Carrying an extra battery-pack for your cellphone and/or camera works wonders, and eases off the concern of you running out of energy.

Survival Kit

Warning: Don’t leave your house without this.

A survival kit has everything; a multi-purpose knife, torch, first-aid kit, energy bars, and everything else you could ask for! This kit will save you from the trouble of carrying things separately as well as the hassle of finding anything in your massive backpack! Don’t forget to stuff it with a mosquito-repellent cream and toilet paper, very useful in time of crisis.