The Italian duo rocked the walls off Club Royalty, Mumbai at this unique Circus themed gig. Here is what The Sherp thought about it!

To call this one of the best and most energy filled club gigs I have ever been to in Mumbai, would still not suffice to describe the mind-blasting set this Italian duo churned out.

Wondering why I am showering Nari & Milani’s Electro Circus gig with so much praise? The answer lies in the amazing surprises the two pulled out from their magical ‘hat of tracks’, that got all of us at Royalty pounding the air with full energy.


Getting there a little early, we breezed through the gates and planted ourselves at a nice spot near the stage. The classy and sophisticated night club was converted into a fancical circus with live dancers, circus clowns and ‘Electro Circus’ branded light-wands. As all these elements stirred up the senses, a dash of bass heavy spices were added to the experience courtesy some banging music from NDS & Blue’s opening set. This deadly combination transported us to a special place, where we were ready and waiting to receive Nari & Milani’s musical blessings.


Barely an hour in, and the club was starting to fill with electro-house/hard-style fanatics who were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Italian Master Blasters. And boy, when Nari & Milani got on screaming “BLAST, BEAT, GO” – a line from their thumping chartbuster ‘Atom’ (also they track they started off with), the crowd went crazy – Royalty was filled with loud screams and cheers of decibels I never knew existed!

 ‘Atom‘ was followed up with a remix of Daft Punk’s latest track ‘Get Lucky’ which got the crowd into a groovy mood. They also dropped a few more remixes including ‘Brohammer’, ‘Don’t You Worry Child’, ‘Silhouettes’, ‘I Love It‘ and many more.

They incorporated a good amount of mash ups and bootlegs in their set, with Nari & Milani vs. Congorock – Eyes On Babylon (Chuckie Mash Up) heading the list, followed by Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit‘ vs. Nicky Romero’s ‘Toulouse‘. We obviously expected to hear a lot of bangers in their set and that’s exactly what we got, Sandro Silva & Quintino’sEpicDeniz Koyu’sTung‘, Arno Cost’sHead Up‘, Fedde Le Grand’s ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit‘ and of course their own tunes like ‘Vago’, ‘Kendo’, ‘Rock To The Beat‘ and also teased us with their latest unreleased track, a collaboration with Delayers called ‘Boo‘ which is an absolute ripper.


With bucket loads of experience the duo knew exactly what the crowd was looking for – HARD HITTING TUNES and (remember the surprises we were talking about in the beginning, well here they are) threw in some out-of-nowhere old school tunes like – ‘We Will Rock You‘ by Queens, ‘Right Here Right Now’ by Fatboy Slim, a remix of ‘Numb‘ by Linkin Park and a few more, which we willingly soaked in.

Maurizio Nari & Ronnie Milani were bursting with energy throughout their set, safe enough to say they were beating us 20 something’s to the finish line.


By around 1:30 P.M. their amazing journey through electro past, present and future came to and an end, leaving us a few kg’s lighter (thanks to all the uncontrolled and slightly un-coordinated dancing) and covered in sweat (too many people + too little space = rapid increase in temperature), thanking god that we managed to make it to this gig. I guess it’s true what they – “with experience comes knowledge”, cause these two Italians really knew how to stir up the crowd and get everyone in a ‘Blast, Beat, Go’ mood.