The online gambling industry in India is growing at a massive rate and is worth billions of dollars per year today. With a rich cultural history of gambling, a young population, and a huge online presence, it is not that hard to imagine a fast-growing online gambling market in the country.

However, how does online gambling even work in India? Is it even legal to gamble online in India? In this article, we’re going to take a look at how online casinos work in India and how anyone can enjoy the thrill of gambling in the country today. 

Gambling in India

Gambling in India is a tricky subject, legally speaking. As for land-based casinos, they are regulated by state laws that can prohibit or allow casinos to operate in the individual states. Some states like Goa and Sikkim allow legal casinos to operate and have become the de-facto capitals of gambling in the country.

However, for the majority of states in India, land-based casinos are not legally allowed. This has created a situation where if you want to gamble in a transparent and legal way, you have no other option than to take a trip to Goa or Sikkim unless you’re lucky enough to already be living in these states. 

Fortunately, online gambling is changing the current status quo and bringing the thrill of gambling right to any device of your choosing!

How does online gambling work in India?

Due to the laws of the country, no Indian casino is allowed to operate or promote an online casino in India. However, if an online casino is not based in India then there’s nothing that can stop it from opening up their online casinos to Indian players as long as they accept the Indian Rupee as a valid currency. 

In order to capture the lucrative Indian online gambling market, a number of huge online casinos in the world such as LeoVegas and 10Cric have entered the market and are currently competing to get the biggest share. 

A lot of these casinos, especially 10Cric allow Indian gamblers to not only play a wide range of casino games but also legally bet on sporting events like cricket matches around the world.

It’s very easy to get started with online gambling in India today – all one has to do is create an account on any of the major online casinos and make their first deposit using any of the numerous payment channels. That is pretty much all you have to do to get started! 

As more and more online casinos enter the market, the players are the real winners as most of the online casinos are trying to offer better welcome bonuses, better games, and trying to perfect the user experience for Indian players in order to become the top online casino in the market. 

It is also very common to find classic Indian games such as Teen Patti and Andar Bahar on a lot of these casinos as they try to make themselves as attractive to Indians as possible.

A growing industry with a bright future

In a country of more 1.3 billion people with easy access to smartphones and the internet and with a rich culture of gambling, it is easy to see that the Indian online gambling market will only keep growing in the near future.