Enchanted Valley Carnival, the festival nestled among the beautiful hills of Lonavala, had it’s shares of yays and nays. The hits outnumbered the misses by miles and The Sherp has compiled a comprehensive list of these.



1. That Dualist Inquiry Set Tho

Sahej Bakshi mesmerized the Artemis (Live) Stage with a performance where he shelled out Deadmau5, Disclosure as well as some Kygo chartbusters. The bassline throughout his set kept us on our toes.



2. Enchanted Village Card System 

For those of you who weren’t residing in the campsite at the venue, you probably didn’t know that there was a very fluid card system to purchase all your necessities. All you needed to do was top up your card with the required amount and with a simple swipe of your card, you could buy all your food and drinks. No long queues for coupons, this was quite organized.



3. Stage Placement And Designs 


Unlike last time, the venue was much larger, and the stages were very well spaced out. Also, the effort put into the stage designs need to be addressed because all three of them were magnificent. Especially the clock at the Trance stage.


4. Vir Das Is An All Round Entertainer 


Alien Chutney’s performance was one of Day 1’s prime highlights. His talented crew blended music and humor to provide such a satisfying performance, many were left gasping for more.


5. Climate Was Spot On 


Yet again, the climate at Ambay Valley proved to be a trump card in the overall success of the festival. The weather was beautiful throughout the day, and the evenings brought out the best view of the surroundings hills.


6. Plenty Of Dining Options

The venue had a wonderful food court packed with options. From Burgers to Pizzas to plain old Kebabs, revellers were spoiled for choice. People looked very happy.



7. When LSXAS Dropped Chopsuey

Anish Sood and Rishabh Joshi were performing at the main stage to a large audience while suddenly they thought it was a good idea to spark a mosh pit. They dropped System Of A Down’s Chopsuey and threw everyone into a frenzy. An unexpected and thrilling transition.

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8. Trap/Live Stage Dominance

The live/trap stage featured some of the best acts at the festival. Nucleya, Borgore, Madboy/Mink, Reggae Rajahs, along with each and every artiste stationed to play here drew large crowds away from the main stage.





1. Water Trouble At The Campsite 

Enchanted Village residents are aware of the incredibly hectic task that was fetching water. We think there could have been a free of charge drinking water system, instead of the INR 50 we had to splash out to purchase drinking water in the afternoon heat.



2. Exhausting Walks

Although we mentioned that the stages were very well spaced out, the walk between the Live stage and the main stage was too long for our liking. Nestled in a far corner, many were seen taking breathers halfway through, at the food court.



3. Main Stage Was A Wee Bit Disappointing

The long walk to the main stage didn’t always seem worth it. The music here was monotonous, and plenty of people complained about the sound. The other two stages were musically superior to the main stage.



Overall, this was a spectacularly organized festival and The Sherp can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next year.

Think we missed out on something? Let us know in the comments section below!