Anish Sood & Ramona Arena release new track!


After the super success of their first collaboration ‘Wanna Be Your Only Love’Anish Sood and Ramona Arena are back again and this time with an even more spectacular track – ‘Hello World’ under the Dutch record label 925 music.

This two-something minute piece perfectly combines the future-oriented beat sensibilities of Mr. Sood with Ramona’s powerful vocals to bring about a truly eargasmic sound, that encompasses the listener in a cocoon of happiness (at least that’s how we felt after listening to it on repeat)!

The track also comes in a ‘Summer Dub Mix’ version that is almost as much if not more exciting than the original version. The splendid pulsation in this track gets you upbeat and jubilant.

The most exciting part though is the plan they have for the tracks video. They are going to invite music lovers from across the world to submit 20 second clips of themselves “embracing life in whichever ways they choose”. Once they have got enough clips, they will stitch them all together to expresses the essence of the song’s chorus — “hello world, it’s so good to be alive”.

Ramona & Anish want YOU to be part of their music video for ‘Hello World’. To be part of their video go to : (try and be as crazy as possible, ’cause crazy = fun)
The duo will also be doing a tour across India to promote the new track. As soon as the dates and venues are out we will be sure to tell you, but until then here are the two versions of ‘Hello World‘ for your listening pleasure.

Anish Sood, Ramona Arena – Hello World (Original Mix)

Anish Sood, Ramona Arena – Hello World (Summer Dub Mix)


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