Even though DJ-ing is a pretty cool career, here’s why you should think twice before taking it up!

Everybody including your mom wants to be a DJ. Well, who wouldn’t want it? The inordinate attention, the extensive traveling, the good music – one has to be a fool to not covet it! Several academies are offering courses today in music production and DJ-ing. Enrolling and learning the technicalities of the profession is all you have to do. Sounds pretty simple, right? If Paris Hilton can do it, how difficult is it, really? If you are living by these thoughts, you need to burst the fantasy globule of air you’ve built around yourself, because here’s what you’re really in for:

1. Getting to consistently visit cities you’ve never seen before is truly a blessing. But it is futile to have no time to have a look around the city you’re playing in. Having to schedule time in the middle of getting to the hotel from the airport, napping, having dinner with your promoter and finally performing to a crowd is quite a task!

2. If you’re committed to your better-half, make sure they can deal with business partners of the opposite sex, your abrupt and impromptu trips and having to be away from you for a week or more. Or you can kiss your relationship goodbye and embrace the single life!

3. One of this occupation’s biggest perks is the free drinks provided to the DJ by even the stingiest clubs. This is a trap most can’t get out of! Your drink ticket will surely give you a great night but not a very pleasant day when you wake up. Good luck nursing a nasty hangover!

4. You get to meet a variety of people who are your kind of crazy. Sure. But prepare yourself for cut-throat competition and dealing with politics and manipulation around you. This is an inevitable part of every profession, and DJ-ing is no exception.

5. Nothing causes more irritation than a request. Throwing a drink at a person who requests a repulsive track should be entirely acceptable for the DJ. And if the DJ has no problem playing a Justin Bieber track, throw a drink at them!

6. This one is a choice – there’s a probability that you will consume illegal substances before you perform. Many big DJs who are under the pressure of keeping the crowd at large festivals exhilarated throughout a two-hour set resort to substance-intake.

7. Prepare your body for fatigue, bursting ear drums which might lead to hearing loss and working erratic hours. Being a DJ demands a considerable quantity of energy. So, with your frenzied schedule, you ought to find time to unwind and nurture yourself!

8. This one is perhaps the most Herculean of them all – conquering Monday morning madness! After an intensely wild weekend, it is next to impossible to drag yourself out of your magnetic bed and go to your real job that actually pays your bills