Do you need to be physically attractive to make it big in music? Or is talent enough?

Appearances are most definitely not everything when it comes to a music career. Legendary artists like The Beatles and Bob Dylan are proof that good music in itself is sexy. None of the Beatles members was strikingly handsome, but they became sex symbols after heaps of people started obsessing with their music!

Of late, we have seen a lot of models pretending to be singers. Sadly, these days, a considerable chunk of the industry revolves around physical attractiveness, catering to delusional teenage girls and boys. Most of the pop stars today cannot actually sing. Even though their avid fans believe in them and their ‘amazing music’, these artists are most likely to be forgotten in a few years.

Meanwhile, it is entirely disheartening to see pop artists with despicably outrageous make-up, atrociously-colored hair and barbaric outfits topping music charts. What’s worse is they keep producing new albums and are showing no indications of quitting the music world.

‘The A-team’ singer, Ed Sheeran, thought his music career would not work out because of his chubby and ginger looks. Today, however, this 22-year-old’s peculiar appearance is the reason he is noticed and is taken seriously as an artist. Singers like Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Steven Tyler, Ozzy Osbourne and Missy Elliot are walking evidence that the music industry indeed does put the finest out there. One doesn’t have to be conventionally attractive or drop-dead gorgeous to have a million fans. So don’t lose hope! There is still a good bunch of musicians around that aren’t glitzy.

All you need is great vocal skills, endurance and persistence!


The Sherp gives you some melodious tunes for your ears:

Give Me Love – Ed Sheeran

Locked Out Of Heaven – Bruno Mars (Performing Live at The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012) – Oo La La!

Missy Elliot – Work It (R4 Remix)