Wilderness Festival is a bohemian soirée for all free spirits, with skinny dipping, masquerade balls and enchanting afternoons in the sun.

We at Festival Sherpa take pride in introducing our readers to the weirdest, strangest and yet, unsung and underrated festivals from the shiftiest crevices of the world. Ergo, we love discovering new festivals. And we love enthusing about them to you. Here’s this week’s fix of quirky for you.


Wilderness Festival is one of the most eclectic festivals out there, incorporating theater, music, sports, yoga, art and much more in a humble four-day celebration. Despite its modest and unostentatious demeanor, this festival is far from shy. Buoyant costumes and the mysteriously discreet night celebrations deem Wilderness an enigmatic boho heaven. Here are the some of the most fascinating things about this festival.


Secret Picnic Dinner Party in the Woods

Held in the transcendent hearth facing a waterfall between two lakes at the venue, this picnic dinner party seems like something out of a fairytale. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own food, drinks and blankets and settle on the soft grass as the festival organizers light bonfires and distribute marshmallows and share stories across the fire.




Secret Lake Skinny Dipping

Being surrounded by lakes, the location of Wilderness is almost surreal. Another facet of the Secret Adventures activity at the festival, the organizers offer attendees a chance to skinny dipping one of the lakes surrounding the festival. One of the most popular items of everyone’s bucket lists, Wilderness offers its fest-goers the perfect opportunity to tick it off.


Philosophy Walks

“Take a turn. Perambulate, stroll, step out. Ramble, jaunt, mingle and mull.
Stretch your legs and your mind with a gang of like-minded, loose-lipped Wilderbeasts.” – The Wilderness Festival Website

Not a festival to exempt mind from the mind, body, soul quotient, Wilderness allows attendees to take leisurely strolls around the scenic arena and discuss or contemplate everything under the sun. This is one of the most wonderful aspects of the festival, the quintessential simplicity of it.



The Masquerade Ball

Performers and festival goers alike, don a carnival-like mask and get ready for the secret (obviously) Saturday night masquerade ball. The party is hosted at a secret location in the park. Last year, the directions to find it were “look out for a beautiful, naked, red-headed lady riding a horse.”


The very essence of this festival is exceedingly enigmatic. If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box experience that stimulates not only your auditory, but all senses, then you have found your place in Wilderness.