The somewhat-juicy semisolid that dyes your mouth in various hues is a cool festival food item to have. Well, Paul Vile, does exactly what his moniker Jelloman Philly suggests: sell jello to ravers inside music festivals!

Yes, he sells his liquid at festivals for a living, and his dedication for selling jello apart from his own merchandise is unparalleled by anyone else. This is an excerpt from his website:

“I am the Jelloman catch me if u f****n can. Come for a ride with me hussys. I travel to all corners of the USA every year, going to huge music festivals every weekend of spring, summer and early fall hustling t-shirts and jello.”

And, he has a ridiculously entertaining promo video to go with it too!


Paul claims to sell his stuff for 4 days at a stretch and stay clear of any problems at the same time. What happens when there isn’t a music festival? He switches to stone masonry, a skill he learned in school!

You can read more about this true-blue festival-hopper and hustler on!