Here are some magnificent pictures of the biggest party under the African sun.


For the lot of you who don’t know, AfrikaBurn is Burning Man’s largest regional event and is held in Tankwa, South Africa during the end of April to early May (bang in the middle of the country’s beautiful winter).  Pictures from this year’s edition revealed some fairly interesting and impressive art and various forms of creative expression much like what we see at Black Rock City.

Similar to its mother festival, AfrikaBurn adheres to the ten principles of Burning Man like – Leave no Trace, Philosophy, self-expression, self-reliance, and communal effort. The event has been running from 2007 and aims to be “radically inclusive and accessible to anyone”.

Simply put, the festival is participant oriented  that experiments with community building, creativity and self reliance among the citizens of Tankwa Town in Karoo once a year.

“Nothing is for sale but ice at the event. Nothing. There are no vendors, no advertising or branding. It just doesn’t fit in. It’s not even a barter economy – it’s a de-commodified zone with a gift economy that’s about giving without expecting anything in return.”

1. A bird’s eye view of Tankwa Town, Karoo.
tanwka town

2. A Robot Easter Bunny or Donnie Darko’s favourite alter ego? You choose.
Afrika Burn - donnie darko


3. People of AfrikaBurn, unite!Afrika Burn - People of Afrika Burn



4. San Clan. It is designed to look like a San rock art glyph of a group of people. The intention is to convey the idea of unity and community at the event.
Afrika burn san clan


5. Fancy a death ride, love?
Afrika Burn death ride


6. What about this one?
Afrika burn deathride2


7. Lose your shit. Find yourself.
Afrika burn - lose your shit


8. So Tankwa has it’s own airport. Errm.
Afrika Burn - Airport


9. Pun not intended.
Afrika burn - High Taxi


10. Half woman. Half Flamingo?Afrika Burn - Half woman half flamingo


11. A Purple Wedding. Where’s Joeffrey?
Afrika Burn - Purple wedding


12.  A gorgeous sky and some nuclear warheads.


13. At AfrikaBurn, to be giving is key. Open your heart without expecting anything back.
Afrika Burn - Gifting


14. Just look at that horizon


15. ‘Here I give you a poem.’


16. A fortuitous yet friendly visit from pacman!


17. The ritual burning of San Clan and a beautiful end to a beautiful festival.Afrika Burn - the clan burns

 Pictures Courtesy : Buzzfeed & AfrikaBurn