Summer is when the festival season kickstarts around the world. And sure, the hats and the cotton clothes help. But what about a summer festival that’s really coooool?

The biggest dichotomy for a festival attendees is that while all the awesome festivals is where they see themselves at, they also have to struggle with the harshness of heat and everything that’s annoying about the summer. Afternoons when the sun’s absolutely overhead is the worst, and the large pool of people isn’t helping either.

So how about summer festivals that let you kick that heat off in return of some cooling? Well, if you’re one of those enticed by that idea, The Sherp has just the right list for you!

1. Songkran
Where: Thailand
When: 13th April

Most people bring in their New Years with some customary celebration. But no one does it as cool as Thailand does, quite literally. Also known as The Thai New Year and The Thailand Water Festival, the festival is celebrated with people water-fighting with each other. Beating the heat, as literally as one can. The festival includes three days of water splashing amidst offering prayers to Lord Buddha. What is there to not love?


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2. Firefly Music Festival
Where: The Woodlands Dover, DE,  USA
When: June 18-21

Firefly Music Festival, often referred to as the Bonaroo of the East, knows how to keep you cool during the summer. Not only does it take place in the middle of the woods, thereby being a much cooler option, it also had air conditioned tents, and largely cooled indoor stages to cool off. Combine this with the customary hot air balloon rides one can hop onto and the drinks set up amidst the trees, the dose of nature ensures a sweat-free festival. This year’s line-up? Paul McCartney, The Killers, Kings of Leon and Snoop Dogg among others.

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(images courtesy: Firefly Music Festival Facebook)

3. Budweiser Made in America Festival
Where: LA and Philadelphia, simultaneously, USA
When: August 30-31

The favourite accompaniment to everyone during the summers is a bottle of chilled beer. Resonating this emotion, the Budweiser Made in America Festival, initiated by rapper Jay-Z takes into account everything that would keep you cool. Beer, water stations and with Kanye West, Steve Aoki and Kings of Leon leading the team this year, it’s a cool place to be at. It’s the kind of summer festival we’d have take, the warmth with the necessary coolth.

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(images courtesy: Made in America Festival)

4. Beat The Heat Beer Festival
Where: Scottsdale
When: 23rd Aug

It’s a beer festival. Need I say more? The most loved, qualitative, and interested brewery stations come together to provide many different kinds of beer to fans. With cover bands playing in the dance, it’s an event of loving for everyone’s favourite liquor, with some good music to sing along to. Beats the heat, definitely!

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(images courtesy: Beat The Heat Beer Festival)

5. Himalayan Music Festival
Where: Dharamsala, India
When: May

The lap of the Himalayan range is the perfect place in India for locals and tourists alike, to scourge for some necessary summer cooling. Couple that with music, and we have a sure-shot winner. Taking place with the cool backdrop of the towering mountains, the Himalayan Music Festival is the perfect place to make travelling in summer worth it. Add to that the aesthetic culture of Dharamsala, and there is your perfect takeaway.

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(images courtesy: Himalayan Music Festival Facebook)

6. Sonus Festival
Where: Croatia
When: Aug 16-21

5 days and nights along the Croatian waterfront. Techno music that keeps you pumped throughout. Beach parties, dime to a dozen. It’s the perfect summer festival, for diehard lovers of beaches and techno house. Summer partying did never sound this fun, before!

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(images courtesy: Sonus Festival Facebook)

7. Refresh Festival
Where: Montenegro
When: Aug 13-15

The logo for the festival being a pineapple, the name quite literally wants to get you raring to go during the summer. The festival that brings the best hip-hop artists to the seaside, has two nicely cooled indoor stages working together with one outdoor venue that remains largely cool due to its proximity to the water body. We tell you, you have to trust a festival with a pineapple for a logo.

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(images courtesy: Refresh Festival Facebook)