Set to make dance music history in India, the announcement coming up on July 2nd is most likely to lead up to a one-of-a-kind event. 


The world’s number one DJ has something special planned for dance music fans. He recently put out a tweet building up to an announcement related to an event that will take place in India this year. The tweet contains a link to a ‘Hardwell Foundation‘ which has a timer featured on its page.

Still quite covert, the tweet was also sent out by Sunburn boss Shailendra Singh, who stated that the announcement being made by the Dutchman will make dance music history in India.  The teaser has been gathering quite some traction over social media and the Sherp is anxiously awaiting what this might actually lead to.

Stay tuned to this space to know what this earth-shattering revelation is all about.

(Cover Image Courtesy: Shailendra Singh’s Twitter)