Hardwell announces the guest list for the 2017 edition of the World’s Biggest Guest List Festival, and this time, he’s bringing his friends!

In 2015, the iconic music DJ and producer Hardwell joined forces with India’s Guestlist4Good social enterprise and Mumbai-based non-profit organization Magic Bus and put on a show, the proceeds of which went toward providing education for over 18,000 underprivileged children living in India.

This was the birth of the ‘Worlds Biggest Guestlist‘ event, that captured global attention and paved the way for similar collaborations within the electronic music community. Now, Hardwell returns to headline the third day of the festival in Mumbai, pledging to provide a better future through education for over 100,000 young underprivileged kids in India.

Watch the announcement video here!

The founder of GuestList4Good, Shailendra Singh will be collaborating with Hardwell and Anna Knaup (CEO of international electronic music agency Anna Agency) to organize an explosive third day of the massive World’s Biggest Guest List Festival, in association with Hardwell’s United We Are Foundation. The previously smaller event has been expanded into a 3-day festival, that will cater to sports, live Bollywood, and pop music, and will close on Sunday, December 3rd with a performance by Hardwell himself!

Talking about the project and his show, titled United We Are by Hardwell, the DJ had this to say: “In 2015 we helped put the spotlight on something that is of great importance to the future of many young children living in Mumbai. The entire team were blown away by the response of the fans and sponsors that day but it felt like only the beginning of the journey. Although we achieved, and excelled, with our donations goal, we all knew that more could be done. So, it is, for this reason, we decided to go back to India and make the goal even bigger by aiming to educate 100,000 young children. And this time, I’ll be joined by some of my biggest and best DJ friends who will be helping us achieve this aim.”

The show will feature the legendary Hardwell, alongside some of his DJ friends, in an attempt to bring attention to the education the underprivileged children in the Mumbai slums are deprived of, and to the grim conditions in which most of them live their day-to-day lives.

Credit: Rudgr.com

Working in coalition with the Magic Bus ProgrammeThe World’s Biggest Guestlist Festival strives to bring about positive social change in India by garnering awareness on an international scale. The goal is simple: to kick-start an educational revolution that will help children of the slums navigate from childhood to adulthood in a manner that provides them with the required tools to make their own social changes later on in life.

Anna Knaup commented by saying: “There is a vigorous energy about this return to Mumbai with the United We Are Foundation. During our first trip, we had a chance to connect with the children living in the slums and later witness the power of support from not just the local community but the world at large. The extremity of the poverty for these children is real and truly heart-breaking. Now we have a chance to make a bigger impact on helping to change their lives for the better.”

Inceptor of Guestlist4Good, Shailendra Singh adds: “84 million children in India do not attend school. That is more than the entire population of Germany! Joining hands with Anna Knaup and our firestarter Hardwell for day three of the festival, we will throw the biggest entertainment-for-good event on the planet in 2017. With the love and support from the fans, we aim to enroll 100,000 underprivileged children in Magic Bus program and put them on a path out of poverty. Hardwell is opening up his guest list, and we hope to make history, once again.”

Credit: Banging Beats

Together, they will stage an event that they hope will be a global beacon of support and awareness as they attempt to steer these children toward a more enriched life with better life skills and better opportunities so that they may transition into adulthood with ease.

To get on the guestlist for ‘United We Are by Hardwell’, fans can pre-register on https://foundation.djhardwell.com/

The dates of the festival are December 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2017.