Get to know the up and coming Electronic Duo from India!

The duo of brothers have been playing music together for more than a decade, and are all set to set the electronic music scene on fire!

Their first collaboration, an alt/rock band named Lucid Recess has released a total of three albums and has performed at numerous live shows. Lateral, the brothers’ current endeavor, began as a side project a couple of years ago, when the two decided that they wanted to make their mark on the electronic dance music scene, and play most of their content live. They began writing songs and not long after, they found their direction!

Credit: Ipsita Bharali

Although they are known for Lucid Recess, Lateral is an entirely different ballgame. At the same time, however, the heart and the soul dedicated to both projects is the same. The brothers have not abandoned their old band, but have opened a new chapter in their lives, growing alongside Lucid Recess. Thus the moniker, Lateral.

Their newly released debut EP is titled ‘Us’ and features the single ‘Say Anything’. The band recently also released a music video for a song titled ‘Crash Right Into’ that you can watch here!

The brothers discovered rock at the ages of seven and ten respectively and found themselves consumed by the desire to one day, make music of their own. Now, twenty years on, they proclaim the very same love for music as they did when they were kids. Some of their more recent addictions include The Weeknd, Chet Faker, Michael Jackson, and Tool.

Although their primary focus with Lateral is to make good dance music with a good electronic background, some powerful live improvisations, and pop vocals, the brothers do not want to restrict themselves to a specific genre. It comes as no surprise then, that the enigmatic duo of brothers is currently involved in three bands, namely Lucid Recess (Alt/Prog Rock), Circlelost (Pop/Rock trio) and Lateral (Electronic/Pop). As music producers and studio engineers, they work with artists ranging from black metal to folk and everything in between. They operate a studio called Lucid Recess Studio in Guwahati that was founded in 2008 and have produced more than 150 artists from all over the country.

Credit: Ipsita Bharali

Although Lateral remains a relatively young project, the two brothers know that the future holds promise. “We are happy to have been able to play music all these years, to have shared the stage with the likes of Meshuggah, Wolfmother, Megadeth and Jeff Loomis, among others, and to have been a part of some of the biggest festivals in the country such as GIR, NH7 Weekender, etc,” says Amitabh Barooa. “It’s been an incredible learning experience, musically and individually. From the outside it tells a different story but to do it and only it, it’s a whole new experience. It’s as enlightening and rewarding as scary and disappointing.”

Father to a 7-month-old daughter, Amitabh Barooa has this to say to all the budding musicians out there, “If you are serious that you want to be a musician and make a life out of it. You can’t be laid back and wait for things to happen. You’ll have to work harder than anything and push yourself every day because you don’t have anyone to do that for you. You are your boss. Just talent won’t take you too far. At least not in today’s world.”

Credit: Ipsita Bharali

Lateral will be performing at a pub called Urban Mantra in Guwahati on the 15th. You could also catch the brothers in Delhi, with Lucid Recess performing at Roost on the 20th April, and also with Circlelost at the Piano Man Jazz Club on 19th April.

Listen to Lateral’s other songs here: