The indie scene has a new psychedelic track!

Veteran producer Gaurav Raina, who goes by the moniker GRAIN (also one half of electronic music duo MIDIval Punditz) and Delhi based electronica artist Komorebi (Tarana Marwah) have been working on an experimental new project and it’s finally here! The genre-bending collaboration also enlisted guitar virtuoso Warren Mendonsa aka Blackstratblues and percussion maestro extraordinaire Karsh Kale for a supergroup-esque result.

Watch “Dream” here:


The ambient song builds to a steady synthy crescendo thereafter launching into a beat and bass driven midsection complemented by Mendonsa’s guitar solo. “We wanted to experiment with cross-genre electronic music” says Raina, who has recently been collaborating with many different artists across the Indian indie scene. Aiming to find the perfect balance between classic and alternative styles of electronic music, Komorebi’s dreamy vocals and subtle use of ukeleles “Dream” rounds off well with an anthemic groove.

 The vibrant visuals by graphic artist Archan Nayar employed in the video take you on a visceral journey as  Tarana croons “And I feel, you’re cheating time… Moving worlds within my mind…” The varied influences of both GRAIN and Komorebi find common ground on “Dream” with the likes of BT, M83, and Shpongle. The seven minute poignant track concludes with haunting echoes and well defined keys work for satisfactory sonic bliss.


Stream the track and get a free download on SoundCloud below: