This year among the countless legends we lost, the famous gorilla Harambe was one of them. And we still miss him. 

The biggest things to rule the internet over the past few months are countless Harambe memes and posts and The Chainsmokers’ new summer mega hit “Closer”. It would be an understatement of epic proportions to say that the song is on everyone’s minds. The song, which has been on the receiving end of countless remixes, has just got the most fitting and hilarious remix in a long long time. The remix, needless to say, honours our beloved fallen primate! 

Producer Takka, has taken the “Closer” melody and coupled that with plenty of gorilla grunts and gunshots to remind us of the tragic  event that led to the demise of Harambe the legend. The epicness doesn’t end there. The producer also provided a short enactment of what went down that day when Harambe was shot.

Although sad, we can’t help but laugh at the creativity put into this.

If you miss him just as much and your heart still aches, go ahead and give the song a listen. It’ll probably mend your broken heart a little.

RIP Harambe!