Did somebody say meow?

London is the place to be in November as the first ever cat-centred “Catnip Festival” is going to take place there. No, it’s not a ruse. It’s as real as our love for these fur balls.

(Credits: senorgif.com)

Come on! Just look at them! All cat fanatics can head down to the Coronet theatre in Elephant and Castle for the event filled with cat videos, cabaret, DJ sets, games and a “cat gymnasium” all centred around this adorable house pet.

Catnip is run by Third Mind Productions, a creative company known for such quirky events. The idea for this one came to creative director James Elphick after his friend moved abroad and they started communicating by sending each other cat videos. Isn’t this the ultimate friendship? We think so!

He also told the Standard that the two decided on cats because they are “manipulative, callous and completely self-serving” making them “absolutely hilarious and we all know that’s a front for their plans of world domination”.


The only downside is that people are advise not to get their cats due to the crowd, bright lights and loud music. But all our cat-filled dreams will finally come true. The standard ticket is for £17 pounds but crazy cat ladies and dudes will also have an option to buy VIP (Very Important Pussy) tickets for £500, which will include table service and free drinks. 15% of the total profits will go to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

So pack your bags and get going! You can book tickets now through their website.