The new single is out and its a job well done for sure.

“All Of Your Life” is Gunslinger’s new single and it samples a track that you’ve definitely heard a lot about. The track samples Infected Mushrooms’ “I Wish” VST plugin for the song and it sounds amazing. It combines a unique electro sound with interesting Brazilian beats to form such an unconventional track that somehow works!

The duo have toured with Infected Mushrooms in the past and opened for other big names like Tiesto and Pendulum. They have also released a lot of material under production labels like Universal, Margik Muzik/Black Hole, Last Gang, BugEyed and Audiophile. Recently, they headed to Burning Man to play a set and the crowd was quite impressed with their sound. Their upcoming gigs include the Pismocean Festival and Holy Ship.

(Credits: Ohdagyo Photography)

They’re up and coming in the music scene right now and have also been on the charts for this song. The Metal Noise EP has also surpassed expectations and was on Beatport’s Top 5 for a few weeks. The fan base just keeps growing as EDM lovers have taking a liking to this deep electro music that’s back on the scene after being in the shadows for a while.

The track grows on you every time you hear it along with a few other favourites like Air Raid, Dream Catcher, The Ripper and Water Fall. Check the track out here: