The long awaited video has aesthetics to die for.

Monica Dogra has been a well known lady in the Indian music industry; from performing with her band Shaa’ir and Func to being a judge on the reality singer show The Stage. Now the songstress has finally come out with the video for her new song Shiver.

It starts off slow and is a reminiscent of Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen) as she talks about everything, from sisterhood to loneliness. Dancer Reshma Gajjar dances on the stage with jerky, disorganised moves. The beats are slow and subtle with a low bass that screams her style. Halfway through, she starts singing in her beautiful tone as the audience watch Gajjar leap over the length of the platform.

(Credits: Tanya Agarwal)

The track also includes a dream team of collaborators like Gajjar, Navzar Eranee, Jasmine Albuquerque Croissant, Shanker Raman and appearances in the video by Adhuna Akhtar, Deepti Datt,  Navya Singh, Chandni Sareen, Elton Fernandez, Justine Mellocrasto, Rufy Ghazi, Saket Sharma, Tania Aggarwal and Lara Saluja.

Monica Dogra said, “Shiver is my largest collaborative effort to date and I have to say I truly understand the value of community and artistic camaraderie as a result of finally making this work….I roped in artists from all over the world from choreographers and dancers from California and a cast that exemplifies true influencers in the realm of making space for a multitude of feminine expressions.  My hope is that this art will quietly enter people hearts and minds, starting very necessary conversation.  But for me, the gift was just creating it.  That was just pure magic.”

And it translates well. Check it out now!