It’s Lil’s Wayne’s birthday today!

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. is a name that echoed through the 21st century like wild fire as he raged through the world of rap and is still a living icon for many. His albums have achieved folklore status and his persona epitomises the struggles faced by a musician in today’s harsh world. Here are some interesting facts on the birthday boy.

1. He never worked a day job.

According to research done by an ardent Weezy fan, Lil Wayne never worked a day job to pay for tuition or at any point of his life. Writing rhymes has been at the forefront of his mind since day one.


2. But Lil Wayne worked real, real hard.

From 1997 to 2012, Wayne recorded at least 597 guest features. Talk about commitment to the job.

3. He’s quite the learned one.

He’s a psychology major from the University of Houston. Also, he was very keen on drama and theatre in school and also starred in his school’s production of The Wiz. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

4. He has a big, big admirer.

Kendrick Lamar has claimed that Weezy is the greatest rapper of all time. He said “Lil Wayne is the greatest. Not only because of his music but also because of the culture he put behind it”.

Touche, Kendrick!

5. His favourite song is also our favourite song.

Cause I Love You” by one of the kings of RnB & soul, Lenny Williams, is his favourite song. Even his taste in music astounds us!

6. His grillz are actually braces.

And well, just because we love this song..

7. Making hits from beyond the “grave”?

His album, “I Am Not A Human Being” Hit No.1 while he was still in prison for gun possession.

8. He wasn’t always called Lil Wayne.

Inspired by fellow New Orleans’ rapper Pimp Daddy, could you believe he was almost going to begin his career as “Shrimp Daddy”? Well well..

9. Lil Wayne discovered Drake.

Canada’s top MC was scooped up by the Cash Money Records imprint boss through MyScape and threw him into a league with the big guns. Man, he’s come a long way.

10. Wayne was about to join Boyz N Da Hood in 2005.

Can you ever picture Lil Wayne being part of a rap group? Nawwwww.