We’ve seen them as awesome characters caught up in a dynastical feud, but here’s a side to them you never knew! 

As the premiere of GoT Season 7 nears, we have our brains riled up in anticipation, so much so that we went back and binge watched the series thus far to keep track! Somewhere along the way we came across a treasure trove of secrets we have been ignorant of! Many of us know their on-screen lives but how many of them do you know also pursue alternate musical careers? 

1. Iwan Rheon/Ramsay Bolton

Few would ever think, but Iwan Rheon does possess musical capabilities we knew nothing of. The actor released a single in 2013 titled “Bang! Bang!” under the E.P. called the same.

2. Natalia Tena/Osha

Natalia Tena is the front-woman and accordionist of the alternative/ska/swing/salsa/folk/gypsy-rock/coo-coo-bananas band Molotov Jukebox.

3. Kristian Nairn/Hodor

The actor chose his character name to pursue his career as a DJ as well, and we have to say he’s pretty darn good! His ‘Rave of Thrones’ tour brings together EDM and GoT fans alike.

4. Michiel Huisman/Daario Naharis

The Dutch actor is also a singer songwriter and has appeared and performed on shows like Nashville and has quite the popular following for his musical stint as well.

5. Carice Van Houten/Melisandre

Melisandre as we all know rocks the show with her evil yet irresistible charm. Off the sets, the actress rocks her musical avatar with a voice that we so envy! Her songs “Fear Not” by Michael Prins and “You.Me.Bed.Now” are proof of this fact.

6. Jonathan Pryce/The High Sparrow

A rather unconventional pick in this lot, but Jonathan Pryce indeed does have a musical vein that he likes to belt out every once in awhile. He is an accomplished singer and stage actor having appeared in many a musical acts over the years.

7. Thomas Brodie – Sangster/Jojen Reed

Few know this but Thomas Brodie-Sangster, plays bass in a band called Winnet with his mother contributing on the vocals! Now that is some badass bass playing!

8. Wilko Johnson/Ser Ilyn Payne

Wilko Johnson aka Ser Ilyn Payne, has enjoyed an extensive musical career having also played alongside Roger Daltrey.

9. Joel Fry/Hizdahr Zo Loraq

Joel Fry might have played a minor role in GoT as a cast member, but the actor also is a well known musicianFry and his band Animal Circus put out an EP back in 2012.

10. Rory Mccann/Sandor – “The Hound”; If You’re Nasty – Clegane

We are taking a serious liking towards The Hound’s musical side here! His old band Thundersoup goes to show that The Hound has got some serious pipes!

11. Jacob Anderson/Grey Worm

Probably the most enjoyable on this list is the musical side of GoT’s heroic eunuch, Grey Worm. He goes by the name of Raleigh Ritchie in his musical life and produces some seriously catchy pop music and some amazing party anthems as well!

12. Jerome Flynn/Bronn

Before the Jerome’s stint as an actor on GoT as Jamie Lannister’s right-hand man, he was part of the musical duo Robson & Jerome. The duo used to make covers of classical pop songs.