Didgeridoos are the awesome gifts from the Aussie Aborigines and here’s why you should get one for yourself! 

One of the oldest instruments, old as time itself, is the didgeridoo. An instrument passed down generations, by the Australian aborigines, the didgeridoo has recently found its way into modern music as well. From being used in meditative music, psychedelic trance to even being incorporated in orchestral playing, the native Australian instrument has been recognized as a progressive instrument with a unique sound.

Credits: Tribal Stew

The didgeridoo is a popular wind-instrument among the aboriginal tribes of Australia, and was initially used as an accompaniment during dances, recitals and gatherings. Today, the didgeridoo has moved out of the confinements of the Australian out-backs and is being played across the world for recreational purposes. Fun fact: The word ‘didgeridoo’ isn’t what the aborigines used to call the instrument. There were various names for the instrument within different tribes. The word is said to be “onomatopoetic”, i.e., the word is derived from the sound.

Credits: Goway

A traditional didgeridoo is made from a hard, hollow wood, trunk or branch, that is infested with termites. The termites eat out the core wood of the trunk/branch leaving a hollow inside. Craftsmen look for this wood and then cut it down to a certain length which determines the pitch of the instrument. Ideally easy to make, the didgeridoo has now become a popular DIY project where people make them out of wood like the original, or even imitate the process with PVC pipes.

Credits: Pinterest

Making your own didge allows for great personalization and adds to the excitement of the entire process of creating a musical instrument. Didgeridoos are very popular among yogis, spiritual seekers and indigenous music instruments aficionados. Check out the video below to learn how to make your own didge!

Traditionally, the didgeridoos are played only by the men. Australian Aborigines do not allow women to play the instrument, however there are female didgeridoo players who play the instrument in an informal setting. Today, there are more female didgeridoo players and the instrument has even become associated with free-spirits or hippies.

The didgeridoo is played by vibrating the lips continuously with the mouth pressed to the mouth-piece of the didge. Didgeridoo players learn a special technique to play the instrument and get as many sounds from the wooden staff. A very important basic is to control your breathing hence didge players learn to breathe only through their nose simultaneously while blowing out air to play the instrument. And once these techniques are mastered the end result can be something as beautiful as the video below!

Or even something collaborative and non-stereotypical, like the video below. The idea of women playing the didgeridoo challenges the thinking of the Aborigines, who were completely against it. We wonder why though? This woman is absolutely slaying it!

If you’re slightly more established musically or have the talent for it, you might just be able to do this. Well we’d like to see you do this! We are mind-boggled by this guy’s ability here!

Feel inspired yet? Time to get out and grab yourself a didgeridoo right now! Would you rather buy a didge or make one? Let us know in the comments below!