Google, literally, has given us everything. And they still keep coming up with more!

Google will launch a music festival called Good Fest towards the end of this month and the first concert will host English-Indie band Glass Animals, who will be performing at BAMcafe in New York City on the 29th of November. Being Google, it’s only understandable that the festival will be a live-stream one. In fact, it’s going to be a first-of-its-kind livestream festival for good. Google will also used the festival as a way to promote their latest phone ‘Pixel’ which will be used to record backstage footage.

But this isn’t their initiative alone. They will collaborating with GOOD – a global media brand and social impact company to feature 5 shows in 5 cities for 5 causes, all through the end of the year. The Glass Animals show will be centred around the “Generosity” theme in support of where 100% of ticket sales for the gig will go to the organisation.

The Good Fest website has described the event as “a celebration of progress, positivity, and the power of people to push the world forward.” After India witnessed the ‘Global Citizen Festival’ just last weekend, we’re sure everyone is clued in on the purpose and benefits of such festivals.

The next two shows will feature Gogol Bordello on 9th December in New Orleans at the Music Box Village (Humanity-themed) and 100% ticket sales from the proceeds will go to Equality Justice Initiative. D.R.A.M will play in Seattle on 12th December (Earth-themed), an evening which will be emceed by Hollis Wong Wear. 

You can catch the festival as it is live-streamed on YouTube.