The Glastonbury grounds have been left an absolute wreck and may take up to 6 weeks to be cleaned up. Scroll down to witness the filth that remains.

Much is said about the overall slack attitude towards the cleanliness drive that exists in our country, with disturbing images of waste accumulation frequently flying around the internet. But this year’s Glastonbury festival in the much ‘cleaner’ lands of Great Britain have left an aftermath which surpasses all levels of filth.

175,000 campers at the legendary festival have left back such incredible gifts for nature, making the grounds appear like a shot off a zombie apocalypse movie. Check it out below:

 Warning : The following pictures can induce nausea.

1. Satellites capture everything.



2. BYOB – Bag Your Own Bullshit.



3. Organized Commotion 



4. Zombieland Survival Rule #22 – When in doubt, know your way out.

Glasto cleanup


5. Salvaging What Remains..



6. Good Samaritans



7. What? Kasabian got done already?



8. “Uhm, Honey.. Where’s our tent?”



9. Finally found my bag of weed.



10. Got posted to the wrong precinct today..



Although a team of 800 volunteers will be assisting the cleaning, the alarming amount of garbage that is spread out over the venue will take more than a few weeks to clear.


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