This Australian festival might have just come up with the most ingenious idea ever!

Australia’s Babylon Festival has just cracked the age old problem about being an eco-friendly festival while getting all their patrons to willingly engage in activities. The festival recently took to Facebook to announce their new initiative to improve their festival experience.

The new program, which is aptly titled “Butts Out”, aims to reward attendees who recycle cigarette butts found all around the grounds with free drinks and other goodies!

The festival said that they would be providing the attendees with biodegradable cups. When a full cup of cigarettes butts is collected by anyone, they can then exchange it for one free drink or one entry ticket into the Babylon Festival raffle contest, where they will stand a chance of winning festival goodies! 

A lot of festivals these days are trying to push across the message of sustainable development and being eco-friendly to the environment and cleaning up post-event. But the only hurdle that stops the progress is thinking of activities that would actually motivate people to sit up and take action. 

But now, we think Babylon Festival has finally cracked the code!