DJ Tenashar, shot to fame being the only female-Asian to feature on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ’s list.

Debbie Valerie Long, better known by her moniker DJ Tenashar, is the insanely talented DJ cum model powerhouse that you must get acquainted with right now! The now popular DJ had her earliest stint with performing at a really young age.

“My obsession with music started at a very early age and I was the drummer in my own band.  While most kids at that age wanted to run around and play, I just wanted to make music. I guess some things don’t change right up till now :)”, says the DJ on her career path towards a lifetime of performing.
Fast forward to 2010, she launched into the EDM scene under the moniker of DJ Tenashar and changed the face of EDM since that glorious moment!


“Being mixed Spanish, I decided to live in Spain, and being heavily influenced by the hedonistic culture in Ibiza, i grew a fondness for DJing as it felt like a natural progression from playing drums. I started playing trance, minimal and techno and EDM. I have an affinity to all genres of electronic music, and I’ve recently been producing a lot of trap”, says the DJ on her launch into EDM music.
The Eurasian starlet oscillates between her floor time as a DJ and a model and has received much acclaim with her debut track release,“Traffic”, in June 2015.

The DJ aspires to turn any dance floor into a raging, vibrant space of party rockers swaying to the beats of her music. 2013 marked her momentous year when she shot to fame being featured on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ’s list, featuring at #83.

Here’s what she had to say about her commendable accomplishment,“I felt like I empowered Asia by putting Asia in a global spotlight, no Asian female has ever been ranked in the history of DJ Mag Top 100, and that shows me that what I thought was impossible is only possible when you follow your dreams and push strongly for what you’re passionate in. Don’t ever give up on your aspirations, no matter what!”

Her wide array of notable feats include being the world’s top female DJ, being the first Asian DJ to make it to DJ Mag’s top 100 list and having had her tracks shoot up to the #1 spot on iTunes.

Also, check out the teaser video to her upcoming release: 


The DJ has a massive fan following on her social media pages with almost 3 million followers on her handles. She’s rose up as one of the most anticipated acts the world over and India just can’t wait to welcome the DJ back in the country. Good news is she just might make that wish come true! – “I just finished a month long Indonesia and China tour and will probably be touring India by the summer, watch my Facebook page for updates on that and I can’t wait to be back in India!! ❤❤❤️”
DJ Tenashar is a rising force to reckon with and for those who haven’t heard her yet, check her out pronto! 

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