It’s one filled with mystery and excitement!

Nameless Music Festival announced the addition of an exclusive Jäger Chalet Stage at the three-day event from the 2nd of June this year. The stage will be hosted by Run the Trap, Jägermeister and DJ Mag with a secret line-up and limited entry.

The official line-up will not be revealed but the stage will be run by each of the three mentioned hosts over the three days. The stage has been described as intimate and exclusive with only a few guests getting access to the stage. Each day 100 guests will be given these coveted wristbands which will be required for the entry to the stage. Sadly, the subscription entries have been closed but you could still attend the festival taking place in Italy!

Check out the updated festival line-up below

Nameless Music Festival tickets are still available on their website with a range of prices for your convenience. get you hands on them ASAP! You can check out their Facebook Page here.