Terrazak’s new track has got the makings of a hit for sure!

From spinning it at highlighted clubs in his early days to getting the crowd grooving to his very own clichéd style, Terrazak a.k.a NCR star, Aditya Rajput, has made a name for himself in the local EDM scene over the years. After all, with EDM becoming the force to reckon with that it has in the last decade, young producers in our country couldn’t have a better environment to grow and develop their skills. It is with this nurture as well as recognition and support from artists like Andrew Rayel, Skazi, Nari&Milani, Ralvero, that Terrazak, also known as DJ Addy, has managed to live up to his potential of being one of India’s rising stars!

Bringing up the bass styles in India and abroad is his passion! He also focuses on merging  nu-age monstrous sounds with some serious, hard bass. Now, the artist has released a brand new track called BOMBAI along with Bakuboy & Austin Blake.  Presented by Peak Hour Music and supported by Ummet Ozcan, Exodus and Lost Stories, the song focusing on the Bigroom genre and showcases the talented artist’s skills in all his glory!

Check out what he has to say about his brand new release:

What about Terrazak made you want to collaborate with the artist?

I had known Baku Boy and Austin Blake for quite sometime. Those guys are quite talented and we had shared a lot of our tracks and discussed them in-depth in the past to make those tracks even better. Those guys are good friends as well. A collaboration was always on the cards, eventually when I met Austin Blake, we closed the collaboration.

Tell us the story behind the track  From its inception to the final outcome, share your journey with the track?
When I met Austin Blake during ADE Mumbai, we decided to work on a project together and decided to name it Bombai. We discussed the idea there and produced a rough draft of it. After he went back to Azerbaijan, we exchanged a lot of ideas back and forth before finally coming up with the final product. It was a long and very interesting process and the result of it is in front of you.
What’s your formula behind creating a successful track?
The idea is to be clear of how you want the track to come out in the end. Without vision, it is quite difficult to give direction to a track. When we sat to produce Bombai, we wanted to create a massive festival bomber that people could relate to. One needs to do some research before working on any track. This helps in understanding the kind of sound people can relate to. It also helps you experiment with the same sound and come up with something entirely unique and yet staying under the umbrella of the genre your track has. Too much experimenting is not advisable though.
As a producer, tell us 5 things you look out in an artist or track before choosing to come on board with them/it?
 In an artist, I look out for the same vibe and the style of his/her tracks to connect properly. When these things are there then surely there will be a collaboration talk.
In a track, I just go with the vision I have, be House Music or Trap. I’m always thinking of making dance music with good bass in that. The important thing is how well you connect with the artist you’re collaborating with. It is crucial to be on the same page as them, have same thought process and goal. Having said that, it is also important to contribute your own unique style to every collaboration. So, similar vibes, style, chemistry, vision and of course mutual love for music production is what I look out for before deciding on any collaboration.

You can check out the track on his Souncloud page here.
You can also stream it here. Check out his Facebook page here.
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