We are back with the knowledge of another new genre. So, be ready to gulp it all in!

This time, we will head over to a genre, you all are a die-hard fan of, albeit you might not know it’s name!

Tropical house, also known as trop house is a subgenre of deep house music. It has incorporated elements of dancehall music. You remember the controversy around the popular track “Work” by Rihanna? Yeah, that is Dancehall, not Tropical house, you see.


This music has fewer than 120 beats per minute with easy melodies that are created by pan flutes and marimbas, etc. That’s a characteristic of this music. All the EDM and techno music that gives you the head-banging is also avoided in this genre because of its chirpy and bouncy feel which allows you to sway to the music rhythmically. It possesses a 4/4 kick drum pattern and has a more uplifting sound than house music.

Credits: billboard.com


Artists from this genre are loved by most of you EDM-lovers and you have been following them whole-heartedly too. You have heard most of them at various summer music festivals like Tomorrowland. This is a genre that remains popular because of artists like Thomas Jack, Kygo, Matoma, Lost Frequencies, etc. Norwegian DJ Kygo is best-known to practice this genre, ever since everyone paid attention to his music at Tomorrowland 2014. Now, the genre has gotten frenzied fans who crave for it perennially!

Brief History and The Present

Balearic house was the term used for this genre, at a time when you were kids. The term “Tropical House” was actually just a joke by the Australian producer Thomas Jack but it got popular and caught on just like fire!

The earlier trop-house music can be attributed to Bob Sinclar and Yves Larock’s international hits in early 2000s. Edward Maya’s ‘Stereo Love’ was also a huge tropical house hit.

However, it was not until 2013 with Klangkarussell‘s “Sun Don’t Shine” and producers such as Kygo that tropical house became the talk of the town.

Producers such as Lost Frequencies, Bakermat, Klingande and more have joined in the genre and continue to make it popular. 2015 emerged as the year of tropical house as Justin Bieber’s album Purpose and its singles “What Do You Mean?”and “Sorry” were quite similar to the genre and attracted everyone’s attention towards Tropical house. Did this genre just save the future career of a huge pop-star? No Comments (but yeah, kinda).

You should know about more artists like these, go check a whole list of Tropical House Producers. That’s all for Tropical House today, let’s end this with a trop-house song by Kygo, which has been one of our favourites.