This is taking it too far, don’t you think?

 Beyoncé is the queen of music and always will be. From her beautiful voice to her insane dance skills; she rules the music world like only a person of her stature and talent can. But as much as we love her, I‘m sure that Queen Bey herself would agree, that there are some lines we shouldn’t cross.

Especially, a whole religion dedicated to a celebrity. Turns out the attendees of the National Church Of Bey don’t agree.

Yes, that’s right. Beyoncé has a whole Church of people who worship her on levels that would even make HER cringe. The people of the National Church Of Bey have recently formed a new religion called Beysim and brace yourself….

They believe Beyoncé is a God that walks among the common people, who will eventually transcend back into a spirit once her earthly work is over. Phew! Some people really know how to take celebrity obsession to disturbing heights!


Oh and if all that was not enough, they even have their own version of the Holy Book, only their’s is called Beyble- in honour of the queen herself. Check out their site here. 

We admire Beyonce’s artistry and personality on so many levels but what in the world is happening?