The festival has recruited attendees to have all the control this time around!

Firefly Music Festival, in the last few years, has been active in involving its fans for input regarding the event and also take part in surveys in order to determine which acts they want to see take the stage at the event that takes place in Delaware, United States of America. But this year they are letting the fans decide every aspect of the event, making it the first ever fan-curated music festival ever!

This means that fans will have access to various polls being conducted on the festivals website which include more categories! Red Frog Events’ Creative Programming Director Christiane Pheil stated, “It won’t just live within talent anymore. We realized how much people were engaged and loving being involved in the talent portion of the event, so we were like why are we just doing this with the lineup? Why not do it with everything?”

As always, the fans can choose the performers from different genres for the event, which will be held in June 2017, including hip-hop, throwback and breakout artist and, in addition, will be able to choose the merchandise, food options, the theme of the pathway that connects the two halves of the ground and the pre-party entertainment. A new bar concept will also be introduced in 2017 with four options of bar games for the fans to choose from.

There will also be awards for the suggestions which will be incorporated into the festival, which may be a ticket incentive, onsite experience or a ticket upgrade. The organisers have estimated up to 40 different polls to be conducted and its all for getting the fans engaged with the festival for an experience catered to them by their own.

Can you imagine having that same system in your own country? (Calvin Harris would perform every year if it was up to me.)