Budweiser x Boiler Room What’s Brewing debuted in India on 1st December and we’re lost for words.

We can’t even begin to explain the frenzy that followed when ‘Budweiser x Boiler Room What’s Brewing’ was announced to go down in India. Where would it happen? Who will get the prestigious chance to spin their records there? Who will make the coveted guest list? These are just some of the questions that scrolled past our mind in quick succession. Slowly a few questions did get its answers and we did manage to bag the coveted entry pass *doing the happy dance*, and let me tell you, it lived up to the hype in every possible way.

As a concept, Boiler Room has remained a craze world-wide. For those who are relatively unaware of the hype behind this underground music mecca, it is a global music broadcasting and live streaming session that allows fans from around the world to tune in to the gig live. Yes, it’s live! It’s like watching a concert taking place in front of you in real time (in HD that too), except it’s underground and very hush-hush (the venue is never disclosed to anybody without an invite). Here, the artist’s equipment is placed in the centre of the venue and fans get to stand around him/her throughout the entire duration. This concept is so unique and incredible because it gives fans the opportunity to party alongside the artist rather than just watch them as mere spectators.

According to The Guardian, Boiler Room “have streamed over 3,500,000,000 minutes of music since starting out”. So, you can just imagine how important it is that our country gets to host something this huge. So without further adieu, here’s The Sherp’s first Boiler Room experience (we’re hoping to get invited to many more :p)

The Big Reveal

Credits: Natasha Nair

“Shit, Boiler Room is coming to India!” was the jaw-dropping moment in office that day. There were rumours, but nothing we could put a finger on. And then, there it was. The invite stared back at us through the computer screen and four names stood out – Sandunes, Oceantied, _RHL and Actress. Also the fact that it was taking place in Mumbai *fist bump* at antiSOCIAL in Khar. Not much of a surprise considering antiSOCIAL is THE place to be for all things music in Mumbai. We made sure we were there much before the stated time (8 pm) to catch a good spot. Just as we arrived, the sight of enthusiastic attendees indulging in a little pre-drinking to get into the mood, helped the excitement sink in. Like any well-planned gig, entry was open on time and people huddled around the console in anticipation. We walked passed Sandunes who was warming-up before her big Boiler Room debut. It was going to be a good night.

Budweiser x Boiler Room What’s Brewing presents…   

Credits: Kaushik Thanekar

Mumbai-based producer, composer & synth player, Sanaya Ardeshir a.k.a. Sandunes was the first to take over the console. The crowd gathered around her in quick succession so they could match their steps to her beats. The live session was in play and music began to flow from her console. It was the perfect start to the night. For a good hour, Sandunes spun tracks that displayed why her signature style was so in-demand throughout the country.

Credits: Kaushik Thanekar

Oceantied followed Sandunes’ act and changed the vibe of the place, completely! Started as a solo electronic project by Until We Last’s guitarist Ketan Bahirat, Oceantied’s music is far from the ‘plug your headphones in’ kind of music. It’s infectious as hell and gets you right on the dance floor. Upbeaty with fast-paced footworks, he had the crowd eating out of his hand. There wasn’t a moment we remember when we weren’t hopping all around the place.

Credits: Kaushik Thanekar

Bangalore-based producer Rahul Giri a.k.a _RHL is one half of downtempo double-act, Sulk Station. Taking over the console at 10 pm sharp, he began to spin his alternative/electronica blend of sounds and left the crowd wanting more. His live shows have always been the talk of the town and we got to experience the fervor first hand. He is famous for mixing desi elements into his tunes and we quite enjoyed that at the gig too.

Credits: Kaushik Thanekar

The biggest name of the night flew down all the way from UK. Darren J. Cunningham a.k.a Actress, the mega popular English electronic experimentalist and producer, was the perfect end to the Budweiser x Boiler Room What’s Brewing debut. His experimental progressive sounds created the much-needed vibe of the hour and people did not retreat until the very end. There is a reason why he was called upon to close the show.

Credits: Kaushik Thanekar

By midnight, it was all over. People were exhausted but still alive in every possible way. Most weren’t even done partying and could go on for another couple of hours if they had to. We can’t thank Budweiser x Boiler Room What’s Brewing enough for putting up a show that was on par with it’s international counterparts. We can’t thank the artists enough for spinning sick beats that left us thirsty for more. Clearly, an hour each was just not enough. Here’s hoping for another kick-ass session very soon.

Also hoping for Budweiser’s next exciting gig for electronic music lovers that is due soon! Watch this space for more.