Festival fashion is a fickle thing, and The Sherp suggests that you tread carefully. 

It’s easy to go wrong with festival fashion, especially since the line between avant-garde and awful is blurring with every passing day. Leaving the abominable flower crowns and Native American headgear aside, there’s a lot that can go wrong with festival fashion. We picked out a couple of terrible fashion choices that were brought into spotlight this past year, to help you veer clear of them. Take a look at the worst of festival fashion The Sherp saw in 2015.


1. Paloma Faith was probably trying to give everyone at Glastonbury a seizure with all those colours. 

And don’t even get us started on those boots.


(Source: FameFlynet/Mirror)


2. We definitely have no words for this one. Proverbial slow clap.

(Source: David Sims/WENN.com)


3. Please contact us if you know what is going on with Katy Perry in this picture. 


(Source: hercampus.com)


4. Kudos to Jaden Smith for attempting to stand out. 

Which he did, just not in a good way.

jaiden smith

(Source: hercampus.com)


5. Even Rihanna herself doesn’t look happy with her fashion choices. 


(Source: hercampus.com)


6. Someone (please) give James Corden a lesson in Fashion 101. 

You can buy it here.

james corden

(Source: PA/Mirror)


7. This outfit makes us consider that maybe Will Young Doesn’t own a mirror. 

(Source: Julie Edwards)


8. This is probably the worst rave attire we’ve seen. 

And we’ve seen too much rave attire.


(Source: Marco Torres/EDC Vegas)


9. Did Kylie Jenner assume there would be no cameras?


(Source: PacificCoastNews)


10. We saved the worst for last…

Oh, Madonna.


(Source: ocdn.eu)