Looks like it’s all going downhill for Jay-Z and gang as the festival pulls out its Los Angeles edition and moves to a new location.


The Budweiser Made In America festival will no longer be held at Los Angeles this year. Having been around for 4 years in Philadelphia, the festival expanded to Los Angeles last year but all doesn’t seem to be going down so well as the festival now faces a cancellation after a thorough postmortem was conducted by the city’s officials. A prime example of bad management and poorly curated line-ups, Made In America will now host a free concert in New York – its new home.



Singer Mary J. Blige is being tipped to headline the event and the marketing VP of Budweiser claims: ‘This is not at all a stepping back — this is a reevaluation of the model of going from one location to two to three’. There’s no news about the third location so far, but it’s safe to say that the Jay-Z camp is definitely going through a prolonged rough patch, owing mostly to their Tidal failures.


Let’s hope Made In America lives up to the promise it showed us last year. In the meanwhile, check out this smashing Imagine Dragons performance from the LA stint:


(Source: LA Times

(All Images Courtesy: Made In America Facebook)