NYC’s most iconic musical festival took place over the weekend and was eventful as ever. Read on to find out more!


1. Deadmau5′s new stage won tons of praise

The days of the cube are way past us now. Behold, the Deadmau5 dome. As if the city of New York wasn’t fortunate enough to be the home of some of USA’s finest music festivals, the Big Apple was the first to witness the highly anticipated debut of deadmau5’s brand new, evolved cube. Structured more like a dome, the set up had it’s first outing at this past weekend’s Governor’s Ball Music Festival, headlined by the likes of Drake, Flume, Bjork, Tame Impala, Lana Del Rey and Deadmau5 himself.

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2. As usual, people turned up in their fashionable best

Can we just say that Governor’s Ball is slowly beating Coachella as one of the most fashionable festivals of the summer? The turnout this year came dressed in some pretty inspired clothing and outfits. See for yourself!

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3. Twitter went bat-shit crazy over Drake’s jeans

Well apart from the fact that Drake KILLED at GovBall this weekend, tons of twitternazis and the like took to dissing the rapper’s choice of clothing. Apparently his jeans were too tight and their judgemental selves weren’t having it.


4. Björk was ethereal as ever

Fresh off her recent album Vulnicura, Björk’s performance techniques haven’t weakened a the slightest. The Icelandic pop-icon popped up on stage in an inspired outfit of a sort of colourful winged creature, doling out her setlist in typical Björk fashion and with her very own orchestra. That is not all, her visuals and projections were downright fantastic, something which the impatient GovBall audience did not appreciate enough, sadly.

bjork_govball_santiagofelipe(Image Courtesy: Santiago Felipe/Forbes)


5. Ryan Adams chewed Deadmau5 out

For sound bleed mostly, but yeah we could definitely feel the hate.

“Try to make this song on your f—king iPhone,” Billboard reported him saying. “This song is not going to match the robot music over there… It’s like we’re living in a f—king Terminator nightmare!”

ryan adams


6. The biggest audience went to Flume!

Flume really got the crowd going, with his spectacular set at the festival, hence drawing in the largest audience for a stage that wasn’t the main one. From playing his famed favourites to his remixes of Tennis Court by Lorde and Disclosure’s You and Me, the aussie beatmaker proved one thing: no music festival is complete without a banger of a set.