Rukes – the #1 dance music photographer has ‘just made the sickest EDM song’… at least Zedd thinks so!

zedd rukes tweet

Looks like all the endless hours Rukes spent at festivals around the world has had its inevitable impact. He has now produced a track of his own called ‘Monsoon’ and posted it to his SoundCloud, and so far, listeners have had a very mixed reaction to it! Here are some amusing comments he has received on the track:

“The bass made me backflip :O”



“biatch! it so cool!”

“sounds like every smash the house release lmao”

“Rukes you silly guy”

“Please say this is another troll”

“lmao’d at all the people being serious about this”

“What was wrong with photography?”

“ghostproduced by hardwell?”


Some SoundCloud users even went ahead and asked if they could collaborate with him!

We are pretty sure Rukes is trolling us! And we have to say, we appreciate the humor behind ‘Monsoon’. The Sherp thinks it’s a pretty dope ‘EDM Banger’. Have a listen, and let us know what YOU think of it:

Rukes was in India in December as an official photographer for Sunburn Goa 2013. And The Sherp was lucky enough to have a chat with him. Check out the exclusive interview here.