Come March, Dubstep pioneer Skream will be back in the Bay!


India’s Dubstep frontrunners, Oji, have recently announced that they will be bringing the phenomenal Skream back this March as part of “RIGHT CLICK” – their brand new property.

As of now, all we know about Right Click is that it will aim to feature more underground music in more intimate settings and it’s first edition will be in Mumbai only with Skream.

Enjoying the massive success of their #Escalate property which featured  Skream & Benga (Escalate 1) and Flux Pavilion (Escalate 2), they recently published a post via their Facebook – apologizing for the length of Flux’ set (owing to his illness) as well as announcing the return of Skream on the 2nd of March.

Mumbai witnessed its first ever dubstep mayhem the last time the Brit was in town with fellow ‘Magnetic ManBenga. Although, Skream has played a pioneering role in the development of this particular genre, he recently announced his retirement from dubstep and has moved on to more…. disco and techno-y pastures.
So what do you guys think? Will Skream come armed with his Magnetic Man bass or gives us a taste of his new sound?

Regardless, The Sherp just cannot wait to see him back in town soon enough!

So, Mumbai on the 2nd of March. Mark your calendars for now, more scoop to follow soon!