Contemporary psytrance festival clothing is versatile, comfortable and comes in various earthy and indigenous colours and prints.

The very culture of psytrance and hippie festivals is based on the notion of sustainability, which is reflected in the way people dress for festivals like Shiva Squad and OZORA. Even though these items of clothing, aren’t readily available at your neighbourhood mall or Forever 21, here are the ultimate statement pieces you need to nail the look!



1. The ever-flowy asymmetrical/tie&dye skirt. 

With this cotton ensemble, comfort is key.  An asymmetrical wrap skirt’s varying lengths make it easy to move in without making you look frumpy. The best way to wear this skirt would be to team it with a colourful gunjee of your choice. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can always pick a bikini or a skimpy crop top to wear it with.


2. The pixie hood

The pixie hood is a psytrance festival staple as it serves a purpose apart from being fashionable. It is a stylized type hoodie, with a pointed red-riding-hood-esque jacket with deep pockets to keep your various paraphernalia. The main purpose of this hood is keeping you warm as many psytrance festivals take place in the winter or on hill-tops and such. They come in snazzy and patchwork style patterns, usually adorned with psychedelic designs and can be made into dresses as well.

Wear it over your favourite tie and dye skirt or leggings. Add a pair of combat boots to complete the look.


3. Harem Pants

Belly dancing or no belly dancing, harems are the most comfortable, unisex and fashion-forward item of clothing you can wear to a psy-trance festival. They’re roomy and great to dance and camp out in. Lots of them come in vibrant colours and interesting prints.


4. The grungy fanny pack

Fanny packs are great and amazingly useful additions to your hippie look. Not only are they spacious enough to store your valuables and various other ‘items’, they come with belts that will help secure them to your body quite snugly. Carrying a backpack or a handbag may be redundant when you can sport this trendy hands-free utility belt.


5. UV light leggings

UV light leggings have to be the coolest addition to festival fashion in years. While most psy-trance events involve a lot of  UV-ray lights and visuals, these snazzy leggings light up in trippy and pyschedlic patterns the minute blacklight or UV lights are turned on. These leggings definitely add that zest and pop to your outfit!


6. Pixie skirts

Pixie skirts are basically a combination of miniskirts and fanny packs.  They work as a proper outfit and cancel out the option of needing a utility belt, making them the most useful item of your boho-chic outfit. You can also wear them over pants, leggings or harem pants if need be.